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Game Developer

Hi, and welcome to my porfolio! I'm a game developer with an MSc in computer science, who loves creating engaging experiences.

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I'm Ido, and I'm a game developer at the start of my journey. I went to study both computer science and animation in order to understand and get experience in as many aspects of game development I could

I work hard and learn quickly, and I'm always pursuing ways to improve, grow and learn in order to create more immersive interactive experiences.

I'm a constant learner

Currently in the process of acquiring an M.Sc in Computer Science in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Finished my bachelor's with 4.0 GPA, Summa Cum Laude). I have also finished 3 semesters of a B.F.A program in animation.

Through University, professional experience and self learning, I have acquired the following skills:

  • Programming and Math: C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Kotlin, Angular Dart, Arduino, DirectX11, HLSL, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Android Studio, PyTorch, Git, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Algorithms, 3D Math, Linear Algebra, Calculus and Probability Theory.

  • Design and Editing: Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Toon Boom Harmony.

I have professional programming experience

Both during and after my studies, I've worked in numerous programming positions:

  • Aug 2021 - Present: Unity developer working in an neurotech start up company, currently in stealth mode (working with C#, Python and Unity)

  • Aug - Dec 2019: Software Engineering internship at Google Tel  Aviv (worked with Java and Angular Dart)

  • Feb - Aug 2019: Technical lab assistant developing a VR system used in neuroscientific experiments, at the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for brain science in Jerusalem (worked with Java, Python, Matlab, Arduino and Blender)

I've worked on numerous projects

I have taken part in a variety of programming/game development projects, both personal and collaborative.

  • Project Ignite – acting as a producer, lead designer and programmer on a narrative puzzle game created by a small team using the Unity engine. Part of a game production accelerator program.

  • Tiki – acting as a programmer and animator on a narrative-driven mobile game using the Unity engine.

  • Graphics and Computer Vision Thesis: working on a deep learning model to assist in extracting skeletons from 2D animated characters as part of my master's thesis.

  • Android Development Course: Developed an Android app that allows the user to set tasks on their phones to happen when certain conditions are met, similarly to IFTTT.

  • Game Development Course: Worked in collaboration with 3-5 other students on three different games, developed in Unity.

  • Machine Learning in Interactive Products Course: Developed a game that is controlled solely by voice gestures and trained a machine learning model to classify the different gestures.

  • Human Computer Interaction Course: Developed a simple game that is controlled with a custom-made motion controller, using an Arduino board.

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All the shaders below were written inside the Unity engine, using Nvidia's CG language (which is similar to HLSL)

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A stealth-exploration-puzzle game

You're a new employee in one of the asteroid mining facilities owned by Cosmos X™. Learn your day-to-day work routine. Find ways to sneak around. Explore and learn about the world - how can you use it to your advantage?

  • Developed as part of project Ignite, a
    game production accelerator program.

  • Acted as producer, lead designer and programmer.

  • Worked in collaboration with 3 other programmers, an animator and a musician.

Developed in Unity using C#.​

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A narrative-driven mobile game following the life of Dana, a single woman in her 30s, and her dog Tiki

A mobile game developed by a small team, inspired by such indie games as Florence. The game tries to convey a humorous take on the life of a single woman in her 30s, juggling between a dead-end job, Tinder dates and meetings with her bored therapist.

  • Developed in collaboration with another programmer, an artist, an animator and a musician.

  • Was in charge of all the work inside the Unity engine, including gameplay, some game design, scene transitions and in-engine animations

Developed in Unity using C#.​

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An experimental game about a meeting

​A game that is meant to be played by two players on two different screens. The goal is to meet the other player, without being able to see them, by only leaving trails and echoes.

  • Developed in collaboration with 2 other programmers (Batsheva Schiff, Ofek Mizrahi) and 3 designers (Ariel Azuz, Jasmine Nackash and Mati Kalter) as part of a university course.

  • Wrote code for controlling shader and materials behavior, and also responsible for core game mechanics (boosts, trails, pulses).

  • Designed the main game loop and some of the core mechanics, and managed the integration of the entire project.

Developed in Unity using C#.​

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A physics based puzzle platformer about creating the biggest ball of junk ever!

A short game developed for the "Mix and Game Jam". The theme was bringing a game from one dimension to another, so we took the 3D game Katamari Damacy and brought it into 2 dimensions. The goal is to make a big enough ball of junk in order to take revenge on the nasty ants.

  • Developed in collaboration with one programmer (Nadav Sheffer), one animator (Shalev Ben Elya), one designer (Ben Goldstein) and one composer (Tom Zylbersztein).

  • Wrote code for controlling player movement and interaction with ball, ball interaction with objects, tutorial, animations and overall game flow.

  • Designed and built the level.

  • Game was rated #3 in the Jam for its art.

Developed in Unity using C#.​

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A simple game that teaches the RGB color base

A project for a course in Human Computer Interaction. The player uses a custom made, 3D printed motion controller in order to change Mr. Gamish's color until he reaches the target color.

  • Developed in collaboration with a designer (Asaf Arad).

  • Implemented the game logic.

  • Created the controller's circuit, programmed I/O operations and gesture recognition.

Developed in Rhino 6, using Grasshopper and Arduino.​

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A few short animations made as part of my studies at Bezalel academy

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I DO 4 U

A mobile app written in Kotlin, using Android Studio. The app was created as a school project, in collaboration with another programmer (Ido Porat), and is similar in functionality to apps like IFTTT: it allows the user to program mini-tasks on their phones, such as opening a specific app when connecting to a specific network

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Jerusalem, Israel


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